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Education and Training

When it comes to protecting your staff and your worksite, Bunzl Safety offers a variety of nationally recognised competency-based training courses in lifting and rigging operations, underground lifting, and height safety. 

The practical, hands-on courses are available at your site or through one of our state of the art training facilities, and are delivered by highly qualified industry professionals. 

Each of our courses: 

- Are customised to suit your operations and individual sites 

- Provide an overview of all Workplace Health and Safety requirements 

- Are extremely practical with hands-on demonstrations 

- Include a detailed handbook and Statement of Attainment on successful completion. 

Our most popular accredited training courses include the following, although other height safety and heavy lifting courses can be tailored to your needs :

Transfer Loads 
National Competency: MSAPMSUP205A 
Duration: 1 Day 

This training course provides a thorough grounding in the safety requirements of lifting equipment and teaches participants how to effectively secure, and safely move a load. 

The course covers: 

- Identifying load characteristics and estimating points of balance 

- Understanding sling configurations and their effect on safe working load 

- Selecting the most efficient and appropriate piece of lifting equipment to safely move a load 

- Inspecting wire ropes, chains, webbing and sling attachments for safety and load capacity 

- Attaching slings safely and lifting / moving the load 

- Releasing sling attachments 

- Using mechanical strapping equipment 

- Storing goods safely and correctly keeping records. 

After successful completion, a Statement of Attainment will be issued. 

Operate Gantry or Overhead Cranes 
National Competency: RIIHAN305D 
Duration: Half a day 

This course is designed to train operators with the skills and knowledge required to plan, prepare and operate a gantry or overhead crane. The course includes: 

- Accessing, interpreting and applying crane operation documentation for compliancy 

- Obtaining, interpreting, clarifying and confirming work requirements 

- Identifying, addressing and controlling potential risks, hazards and environmental issues 

- Selecting appropriate PPE 

- Prepare load for lift in accordance with crane limitations and rigging requirements 

- Perform pre-start, start-up, park-up and shutdown procedures 

- Interpret signals in accordance with AS2550 

- Operate and monitor controls to lift, transfer and lower loads to ensure compliance 

- Inspect cranes for faults and perform routine operational servicing, and processing of written records. 

After successful completion, a Statement of Attainment will be issued. 

Conduct Underground Lifting Operations 
National Competency RIIUND207A 
Duration: 1 Day 

This course covers how to safely plan and undertake underground lifting operations: - Developing an underground lifting plan 

- Confirming elimination/control measures for hazards 

- Correctly identifying and preparing lifting equipment 

- Identifying and confirming appropriate safe working loads 

- Directing the movement of the load in an underground environment using standard signals for load moving 

- Connecting, removing and storing lifting gear correctly. Load cells and test rigs are used during hands-on demonstrations to show the effect of side loading existing lifts from roof bolts and girder trolleys. 

After successful completion, a Statement of Attainment will be issued. 

Work Safely at Heights 
National Competency: RIIOHS204D 
Duration: 1 Day 

This training course covers working safely at heights and assessing and installing equipment within the infrastructure industries. 

It covers: 

- Identifying the names and functions of Height Safety equipment, components and materials 

- Safely handling tools and materials 

- Understanding regulatory authority requirements 

- Understanding safe work methods at height 

- Applying legislative, organisation and site requirements 

- Applying technical and safety information 

- Applying diagnostic/fault finding techniques and environmental requirements 

- Procedures for varying weather. 

After successful completion, a Statement of Attainment will be issued.

Enter Confined Spaces 
National Competency: MSAPMPER205C 
Duration: 2 Days 

Entry to confined spaces for maintenance, servicing of vessels or other necessary reasons is covered in this course to AS2865. 

- Interpreting Labels, MSDSs, Hazchem signs 

- Working effectively within a confined space 

- Recognising hazards and applying hazard controls 

- The correct use of confined space entry and exit equipment in compliance with permits 

- Initiating incident/emergency response plans 

- The use of PPE, communication equipment and processes applicable to confined space work 

- Responding to gas test/monitoring results. 

Note: A pre-requisite of this course is the MSAPMPER200C Work in Accordance with and Issued Permit Training. MSAPMOHS216A Operate Breathing Apparatus and MSAPMOHS217A Gas Test Atmospheres may be delivered and assessed in conjunction with this unit of competency. 

After successful completion, a Statement of Attainment will be issued. 

Post Fall Recovery Training 
Duration: 1 Day 

The Post Fall Recovery course provides participants with the necessary skills to perform an emergency recovery of a casualty with a pre-engineered rope rescue kit and includes: - Safely using pre-engineered rope rescue equipment 

- Relevant legislative and regulatory requirements 

- Identifying and monitoring hazards 

- The capabilities and limitations of rescue equipment, anchorage points and rigging 

- Controlling an emergency 

- Pre and post use equipment and PPE inspection 

- Procedures for reporting accidents 

- Casualty management 

Prerequisite and Co-requisite: PUAEME001B Provide Emergency Care or HLTFA201B Provide Basic Emergency Life Support. 

After successful completion, a Statement of Attainment will be issued.