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As part of the global Bunzl Plc Group, sustainability is a big deal to us and is part of everything we do. We’re always looking to create more sustainable business practices and products.

Bunzl’s global commitment to reduce impacts on the environment has been a key area of corporate responsibility for more than a decade.  As a Bunzl business we abide by the group’s Environmental Policy.
Bunzl Environmental Policy Summary

Our objective is to reduce our impact on the environment, including factors contributing to climate change, through a commitment to continual improvement, complying with environmental legislation and regulations in the jurisdictions where Group companies operate to ensure that our major impacts are addressed.
Energy use (carbon emissions)

We continually seek to reduce the amount of fuel used by our fleet by the introduction of energy efficient vehicles, routing systems and improving drivers’ skills. Further we strive to reduce the electricity we use for lighting our warehouses by the use of available technologies and where possible appropriate building modifications. We only heat warehouses where necessary due to either regulations and/or cold weather conditions.

We promote reduction of waste through elimination of packaging and encourage reuse and recycling throughout our operations. We also seek to assist our customers to reduce their environmental impact by providing consolidated delivery and provision of environmentally friendly products.